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Ионизатор воды "Серебряный источник"


Полупроводниковый Уф. прибор "Ультра луч"

Устройство “Серебряный источник” - ионатор для получения “серебряной воды”, воды насыщенной мельчайшими частицами серебра (ионами). Ионизатор “Серебряный источник” предназначен для повседневного использования и получения в большом количестве воды, насыщенной ионами серебра. Растворение (99,99%) сверхчистого серебра придает воде целый ряд полезных свойств: повышает иммунитет и лечит целую группу болезней: инфекционные (ОРВИ, грипп), кожные (юношеские угри, дерматит, псориаз, экземы, перхоть), желудочные (язвы, гастрит), проблемы стоматологии (парадонтит, стоматит) и много других.



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Полупроводниковый ультрафиолетовый излучатель малой мощности с блоком питания от сети 220 вольт. Для воздействия ультрафиолетовыми лучами. В герметичном корпусе, способный работать под водой.



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Очки-тренажеры перфорационные


Шапочка для плавания малышей "Чебурашка"

Российская современная фундаментальная наука, а также офтальмология и психология научно обосновали древние знания о цветолечении. На этой основе были разработаны перфорационные очки-тренажеры с использованием нейтрального «зеленого» диапазона. Они усиливают работу одних фоторецепторов глаза и ослабляют работу других, улучшают качество изображения на сетчатке. Тем самым позволяют воспринимать тот же объем информации, но с гораздо меньшим зрительным напряжением.



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Всем известно о пользе процедур: плавание, закаливание, обтирание влажным полотенцем и т.д. Очевидно, что для здорового развития детского организма эти процедуры просто необходимы. Данное приспособление является существенным помощником тем родителям, которые хотят видеть своего ребенка физически здоровым. Шапочка для плавания поддерживает голову ребенка на поверхности воды, и предоставляет ему большую свободу движений.




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Here I saw on the Internet about the circles on the neck of small, so they were floating in the tub. Tell someone used them or uses? And where we can find them? It seems to me a good thing, maybe my father's back is already starting to hurt, and the baby is increasingly dabble ...

If you're going to the pool, do not forget to take all necessary: ??swimsuit or trunks, goggles, and of course, a hat for the pool. This handy accessory will not only protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine, but also increase the ergonomics. In addition, swimming cap is a must for swimming in many basins.

When choosing swimming cap should consider the following: the type of cap (material), a pediatric and adult swimming cap you need, and how much cap will fit your bathing suit.

The main group now represents silicone caps. Manufacturers produce their colorful, colorful, and to the touch they are much nicer to latex. It is very important that these hats are hypoallergenic - can cause allergies. Another plus incomparable - silicone caps are very flexible, easier to dress up and do not cause virtually no discomfort. They have a good opportunity to stretch - more than 2 times. If you buy a silicone cap known company, then wonder how it is made qualitatively, ideal size of the head and does not form wrinkles on the skin. Excellent example of a silicone cap can serve as a model and Arena Classic Logo Silicone (plain silikonnovye hats of different colors), Arena Reverso (bilateral cap), Arena Led Cap, Speedo Slogan Cap, Arena PrintCap.

I quite deliberately not trying to fool you head details on swimming technique: how should definitely keep the baby, how to turn, how to plant, etc. All of this you will quickly learn how to do, if you follow the principles described above. The only thing you are likely to need, so it supports the baby's head cap. What is it for? First of all, in order to make the procedure more pleasant for swimming parents. Obviously after all: to sit or stand bent over 30-40 minutes is very difficult. And you can not make the child healthy due to the appearance of sciatica his dad. Therefore, at the age of about two months ought to make a special hat, and how to do it, we'll tell you.

You must have:
- Usual thin cotton hat (cap);
- A piece of fine cloth diapers half the size;
- Two foam cubes, the optimal size of which corresponds to the size of an ordinary pack of soap.

Initially foam sheathed cloth and then fixed to the cap, as shown in the figure. Please note - the top of the cubes must rise above the baby's head. A baby in a hat a feeling of tenderness, reminding gentle and noble Cheburashka.

Bathing cap procedure is the same as that described above for the situation of the child on the back. During the week, gradually removing support the child's hand, you teach him to stay on the water and be able to swim safely in reading the paper. Swim on their own, children are often repelled feet from the edge of the bath and quickly swim to the other end of it, hitting his head. That's why I call your attention to the fact that the foam wedges to appear above his head, protecting the child from the top and side impacts. It is quite possible that you may come up with more original design. On health.

So, if you care to swimming cap keep water out, choose a combination or silicone model. If you do not care whether or not to get wet hair in training or not, you can choose the fabric model.
Caps for professional sports swimming

If you are swimming sports professionally, then you should pay attention to the model, specially designed for this. These hats come to the fore their hydrodynamic properties. For example, it is welded from two hemispheres hats Arena Team Line Moulded Cap and Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Cap. The most high-tech, and of course, my dear cap for speed swimming cap is the legendary Speedo V-Cap, in which Michael Phelps swims.

Size swimming caps

Basically, swimming caps have a certain size, they are divided only on adult and children's swimming cap. and many of my friends do with bonnet was made of plastic foam inserts like this:. And we're in a swim. We started with 2 months. First there was the 6 dice foam at 6 months gradually pulled - she floated on her back. True, the cap is still worn - without him was not holding his head, apparently accustomed to so). And then she had to get up early in the tub, so no more swimming ...

I think it is absolutely useless thing, the more the child floats lying to 5 months, and we have not put in 4 was only half-sitting, then sitting. And imagine how I felt in the bathroom in a hat.

Modern adult swimming caps are very durable and elastic, so it will be a good fit for all adults. A children's hats for the pool designed so as to not to put much pressure on the baby's head. And, of course, are more bright and colorful colors, narimer Arena Multi Jr Cap Arena World. There are also children's hats for the pool, which are analogues of adults (eg, cloth cap Arena Unix Jr) More recently, manufacturers began to produce mid-size caps, which are suitable for adolescents and adults with small head size. An example of such a cap is Arena Fusion Pro Small.

Selection Secrets

Good afternoon. We swim in a circle babyswimmer, take a look at their website, maybe it's what you're looking for? we are swimming in it with 3 months. Now we have 8. We, however, do not swim, and get up. but I still bathe with a circle, because when flops could not resist, do not dive and do not strike, the most important thing. and indeed I davolno much as we progress through regular exercises in water (5.5 has sat down (I had not planted), 6 began to crawl, can not catch, and 7 was Stavan). Nurse here at the time and was a little more on the net sharitsya and all HN HN yes, now even can entertain himself.

Baby Circle purchased at Great stuff. Child swims with pleasure. I did not expect such results. I advise everyone. .





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