Ионизатор воды "Серебряный источник"


Полупроводниковый Уф. прибор "Ультра луч"

Устройство “Серебряный источник” - ионатор для получения “серебряной воды”, воды насыщенной мельчайшими частицами серебра (ионами). Ионизатор “Серебряный источник” предназначен для повседневного использования и получения в большом количестве воды, насыщенной ионами серебра. Растворение (99,99%) сверхчистого серебра придает воде целый ряд полезных свойств: повышает иммунитет и лечит целую группу болезней: инфекционные (ОРВИ, грипп), кожные (юношеские угри, дерматит, псориаз, экземы, перхоть), желудочные (язвы, гастрит), проблемы стоматологии (парадонтит, стоматит) и много других.



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Полупроводниковый ультрафиолетовый излучатель малой мощности с блоком питания от сети 220 вольт. Для воздействия ультрафиолетовыми лучами. В герметичном корпусе, способный работать под водой.



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Очки-тренажеры перфорационные


Шапочка для плавания малышей "Чебурашка"

Российская современная фундаментальная наука, а также офтальмология и психология научно обосновали древние знания о цветолечении. На этой основе были разработаны перфорационные очки-тренажеры с использованием нейтрального «зеленого» диапазона. Они усиливают работу одних фоторецепторов глаза и ослабляют работу других, улучшают качество изображения на сетчатке. Тем самым позволяют воспринимать тот же объем информации, но с гораздо меньшим зрительным напряжением.



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Всем известно о пользе процедур: плавание, закаливание, обтирание влажным полотенцем и т.д. Очевидно, что для здорового развития детского организма эти процедуры просто необходимы. Данное приспособление является существенным помощником тем родителям, которые хотят видеть своего ребенка физически здоровым. Шапочка для плавания поддерживает голову ребенка на поверхности воды, и предоставляет ему большую свободу движений.




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Apparatus - biocorrector body functions (hereinafter - biocorrector) - a source of alternating magnetic field with a special characteristic, which has a stimulating effect on the body and corrects Seychasenergeticheskie processes in it. Biocorrector belongs to a class of electromagnetic devices. Biocorrector "IMKOR-1" is intended to influence the functional systems of the body of a weak alternating magnetic field and the combined effect of the biologically active zone, a weak magnetic field. Used in biocorrector hospitals and individual patients.


The impact is on the skin in the mode of local impact on the disease process, when the unit is located directly above the lesion, or in another mode, if you want to affect certain organs and systems of the body through the functionally related reflex zones of the skin. The distance at which there is a therapeutic effect of the device, is between 10 - 15 cm With this in mind, the treatment process can be carried out using the apparatus for securing it with a plaster bandage directly on the body, or sitting in a bath of the patient's limb, or by fixing the device on clothing , shoes or furniture. This may be used as a locking elements pockets of clothing, fabric belts, bags and water t.d.nad Treatment should be performed in a continuous and long-term (up to 1 month) mode in chronic relapsing course of the disease, or broken-repeated sessions (1-3 hours) with rapidly kupiruemyh pathological conditions (pain, swelling, vasospasm and other). Takes into account the dynamics of reactions and restore lost functions. At a cold, sore throat apparatus must be placed accordingly on the nose, or on the neck close to the painful area. Cough is removed if the unit is in the throat or bronchial area. In diseases of the cardiovascular system to relieve stress, enhance sleep, it is recommended to place the device on the head, neck and thoracic spine or neck area When lesions of the musculoskeletal system, osteochondrosis, radiculitis apparatus biocorrector recommended fix for the sacral area and in places acute pain. In the application of the device as biopotentsera (impotence - in men and anorgasmia - women), she spent a few days alternately located in the groin area, the sacrum and pubis.


Before using the device to be inserted into the side groove of the battery case "plus" sign up, toward the oval hole on the chassis. (See Figure 1) The correct position is a position battery power supply inside the unit, in which the outer edge of the disk is separated from the edge of the battery case at a distance of 2-3 mm. At this point the machine is turned on and can be used for treatment. Working side is the lower part of the device has no foramen ovale. Health check device in the home is carried out with the use of any radio with a magnetic antenna, tuned to the wavelength range. At the presentation to use the device to the magnetic antenna unnecessarily when the receiver is heard in clicks of a frequency 10 ... 15 Hz.


The unit is enclosed in a plastic flat box, made of plastic. Inside the case is fixed electronic card system. Schematic device is a RC oscillator, made on 2 inverter logic chip. The output buffer amplifier is connected to a load consisting of a coil. Value of the induction of an alternating magnetic field on the surface of the device - 0.2-0.3 mT, the frequency of the magnetic field of 10 - 15 Hz.
Power of the machine - independent from the compact disc batteries CR-1220 or equivalent, with 3 volt. Operation time (one battery) for at least 4 months. Electrical apparatus for the requirements of GOST R50267.0-92 for products with internal power supplies. other;

2. General recommendations. Treatment with the device is well tolerated, it can be used in cases where due to serious concomitant diseases or severe weakness and the use of other physical factors are not shown. Of treatment regimes (continuously-long, broken-second) exposure apparatus and place dependent response of the body. Thus, the local reaction to the impact, eliminating the stimulation of active points of the skin or the reception area, projection associated with the internal organs (areas Zakharyin-Ged), appears only in the location within the unit. In the case of stimulation of the ref-leksogennyh zones Zakharyin Ged there segmental component response that spatially restricted innervation concerned segment. Directed magnetic stimulation creates the possibility of normalization of disturbed functions of various organs and systems of the body in order. Given the difficulties of self-treatment for second-played version at vyboreultrafioletovy Decontaminating reflex zones and modes of stimulation by directed magnitorefleksoterapii recommend consulting a doctor, reflexologist. In assessing the therapeutic possibilities unit should be understood that, although its use is safe and in many cases provides a favorable result, objectively Skye therapeutic efficiency of the device is limited strictly defined biological effect inherent in AC magnetic field of low intensity of their characteristics are given in the description of methods of medical application magnitokorrektora . Contraindications to the use of the device: neoplasms, acute myocardial infarction and early postinfarction period (up to 6 months), circulatory failure III - IV extent, acute infectious disease of Isis on the head fever, pain syndromes of unknown origin, pregnancy, readiness and availability of convulsive seizures in in the past, the prevalence of a form of skin disease should be no use of the device in the presence of patients implaniruemyh stimulants. The best results are achieved when using the machine in the early stages of disease development when the pathologic alterations are reversible. In these cases, the positive effect can be achieved by using only one apparatus. During the chronic diseases typically requires complex treatment using a variety of therapeutic agents. Weak intensity of the magnetic field unit admission, UT their application for long-term (up to 1 month) time.

3. Clinical application. 3.1. Treatment at the Local effects on the pathological focus (local magnetic nitoterapiya). It is believed that the main "point of application" totality of physical and chemical reactions that occur in response to the magnetic field and the processes of transformation of energy in regions where the action is the biological membranes. Clinically it is manifested intensification of metabolism and reparative regeneration of injured tissues. Extremely effectively influence of the magnetic field, especially the AC, the processes of micro-circulation. With this magnetic field is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic obezbo-Lebanon action, lowers blood pressure, reduces swelling, accelerate the absorption of hematoma. Increasing the permeability of the microvascular components and epithelial barrier, the magnetic field contributes to the penetration into the tissues of a medicament. The advantages of combined application of a magnetic field and left-karstv as ointments, lotions, creams with disinfection veschey.zadannoy oriented to enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment. Another way to gain conducted using magnets tokorrektora treatment - reception on prescription drugs that supplementing magnetic therapy and other effects during the treatment. Local magnetic therapy is recommended primarily for the treatment of pain syndromes of different origin, mainly medium and low intensity: vasomotor heads-nye pain, postoperative pain, pain in the pathology of the musculoskeletal system (bruises, swelling and bruising, post-traumatic neuro-degenerative bone disease - Sudeck syndrome, damage to muscles, ligaments, periarticular bags bursitis, myositis, epicondylitis shoulder stiloidity, the shoulder-periar tritium, scapular-rib syndrome, anterior chest wall, Tietze syndrome - ext-inflammatory edema rokachestvenny rib cartilage syndrome, small pectoral muscle syndrome inferior oblique muscle of head, shoulder, wrist syndrome, coccyalgia, deforming osteoarthrosis). Neurogenic pain syndromes in diseases of the peripheral nervous system (painful stump neuroma limb, reflex, radicular and radicular syndrome and vascular degenerative disc disease, residual transferred neuritis, poly-neuropathy, rectalgia). Peripheral vascular pain character (thrombophlebitis, in sttromboflebiticheskie syndrome, varicose ulcers). Recommend the use of a local magnetic therapy to stimulate the healing of bone fractures, nonhealing wounds, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers. The device is applied where possible, contact and close to the pathological focus. Magnetic nitoterapiyu are available through plaster or bandages and ointment in odezhdu.Dlya clean water

3.2. The method of sharing local magnetic therapy and of medicinal drugs in ointment base (creams, lotions, balms, etc.). Treatment enables local magnetic therapy significantly increased when combined with rubbing painful areas of the body by various ointments. The need for this usually occurs in the long course of the pathological process and the development of dystrophic of changes in tissue structures of the musculoskeletal system. In such cases the use of single-tion of magnetic therapy while reducing pain, but not stopped it completely. To enhance the therapeutic effect, a variety of additional use rastirok providing an analgesic effect. Most often used for this purpose with the final-Gon dolpik, slonts, apizatron, artroseneks, hirudoid and other conditions of the application of these rastirok is intact skin, because they all have expressed-ing irritating. Osteoarthritis in the phase of synovitis as rubbing apply ointment chymotrypsin, which has strong anti-inflammatory action. After the elimination of synovitis apply ointment Hondroksid provider chondroprotective action of the on articular cartilage. The method of treatment is as follows: the use of the magnetic field should be preceded by careful rubbing ointment into the area of ??the highest susceptibility. Then this place is applied apparatus personally seen. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Selection rastirok to enhance the therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy is recommended carried dit including pathophysiological and biochemical abnormalities in the lesion in one form or another disease. Good prospects specified method of correction functions of the organism has in cosmetic practice, using creams, balms and lotions to improve nutrition and regeneration of the skin, hair and nails. The fact is that in most application-nyaemyh currently cosmetics organic molecular size of active veschestvArena Print Cap is so great, that do not allow them to freely pass through the top layers of skin. This limits their cosmetic and therapeutic effect. Exception of cosmetics company "Dr. Nona", prepared on the basis of the mineral mixtures "Dead" Sea and are of high quality local and general therapeutic effects. These include regenerating lotion to treat burns, colloidal scars, dermatitis, dynamic moisturizing cream for the treatment of psoriasis induced edema sion extremities balm for the face and other action of these drugs on the biochemical level, and the magnetic field on the permeability of the epithelial barrier of the skin combined with improved blood flow in the microvasculature contributes to good results and improves the therapeutic efficacy of the means of each treatment. shoot will be 3.3. Using the local magnetic therapy to relieve muscle fatigue. Magnetic therapy is effective in healthy people and athletes to relieve fatigue in the muscles after exertion. In such cases, combined with the applied magnetic field rd muscle massage or rubbing various ointments. The device according to the specific application loads imposed on segments of the limbs, which remain even after massaging effects of fatigue. Recommend long-term use of magnetic therapy for the duration of intense muscular stress.

3.4. Regulation of visceral functions under the action of magnetic fields on the reflex zones of the skin and acupuncture points (directional magnetic reflexology and magnitopunktura). The use of magnetic fields in the mode of stimulation of acupuncture is based on specially selected for the impact areas of the surface of the human body, where the so-called biologically active zones - zones Zakharyin - Ged and acupuncture points (the active area of ??the skin). Biologically active zones are projected on the skin areas of greatest activity of interaction "covers the body - organs," made the most important function in the process of physiological adaptation. From the surrounding areas of the skin of their features high electrical conductivity, the intensity of the metabolic processes, optical effects, etc. It is in effect for these areas are a good thing selective physiological response that underlies the various ref-reflex therapy, including magnitorefleksoterapiyu. For self-treatment by the apparatus of the great majority of patients are most suitable option magnitorefleksoterapii using to influence reflex zones Zakharyin - Ged, as treatment of type magnitopunktury is the prerogative of the doctor - reflexologist. Treatment is carried out by application to the device section of the body, which reflexogenic zone internal organ to be stimulation. Usually reflex zones correspond to the projections of the internal organs on the front or back of the body. The duration of stimulation to 1 month, then take a ne-reryv within 2 - 3 weeks of treatment and repeated as necessary. To enhance the treatment should be combined with therapeutic measures recommended by experts of attached pathology. .




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